What Are The Top 5 Social Media Sites In 2016?

Social media has hit its stride as a mainstay in the global society. It is old enough to have diverged and branched off to serve different ways of communicating.

Its divergence has led to various age groups and demographics flocking to one site in favor of another. For instance, QQ is a big site in China, but has no presence in France. It is all in Mandarin with no built in translations or hints.

While most people may think of Snap Chat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, the top 5 sites in order of volume may surprise you. First, a little bit more about the reasons this is so.

Purpose Of Social Media

For families to keep in touch with their grand-kids from halfway around the world, Facebook is useful. It’s also a place where people reconnect with everyone from their lifetime, if they choose.

Though, what many people take for granted is that businesses also aim to set roots to make a stronghold within the site. The reason is that for businesses to thrive Google sets criteria for businesses to establish in what order they appear in search results.

You guessed it, the higher the search result, the greater the business received from online searches. These days, people turn to the Internet almost exclusively to find a business. Thus, businesses have to have a hand in every social media site that is relevant. Leveraging social media to benefit your business is called “social media marketing”

#1 – Facebook

With 1.79 billion monthly visitors, Facebook takes the top spot of all social media sites. Now, before telling you who is at the 2 spot, let’s talk more about relevance.

Another aspect of the vetting process Google puts companies through involves their video presence. That’s right, businesses are tasked with posting and sharing videos on a video platform. Meanwhile, people share in hopes of their videos going viral. Other people just love to watch videos online. More information about business marketing with Facebook.

#2 – YouTube

If you have not guessed it yet, YouTube is actually the second most popular social media site on the planet. With more than 1 billion site visits per month, it is a busy place. If you go viral on YouTube you have made it in Internet stardom.

No one can deny the popularity of pictures, especially among those who love their smart phones (read: teens and twenty-somethings and the young at heart). It’s a great way to share images whether you are an artist who wants to give a quick preview of a new painting or a jewelry blogger sharing a new style. Business can use the platform for YouTube or video marketing .

#3 – Instagram

Others just like the ease of sharing with the third most popular site — Instagram. If you have been living under a rock, Instagram is like the best of everything social media in one easy to use interface. It is also a great place for younger generations to escape the overly watchful stalking eyes of parents and extended family.

Because it works off of the smart phone it is super simple to snap pictures and share away with friends and customers alike. In addition, if you are attempting to build a customer base, it is a great way to build followers and fans.

In addition, it will put you on the map with Google’s algorithm for having a solid social media footprint on a few sites. That’s how Google verifies a company’s legitimacy. Instagram receives 500 million visits every month. It seems like it is more to those who call it their social media home.

#4 – Twitter

The next site on the list is an oldie but goodie at this point. It has fallen in the ranking because of a few bungles behind the scenes in recent years. Though, Twitter retains its relevancy, partly because it is the place to follow stars, athletes, and any other who are counted among the ranks of the rich and famous.

Twitter had a CEO they held onto a little too long. It’s been cutting staff as a way to keep up with shareholder demands, though claims it is turning the corner financially. Twitter has also played around with character counts, and has just maybe not kept up as well as other sites. Though, it is still considered among the big deal sites with 313 million monthly visitors.

#5 – Reddit

The fifth spot is held by another site that might surprise some people. For the people who call it their go-to social media outlet, there is nothing more like home than Reddit. Its own controversies last year could not hold it down too much in the rankings.

It’s a unique site in that it puts words before pictures. People go there to share their specialties and pose questions that get remarkably deep and thoughtful answers. In one instance, a man who claimed to be an ex-CIA agent shared about the application process to work at the CIA, and how he parlayed his former career as a agent into a PI career.

It’s fascinating what can be found on every one of the social media sites. It really comes down to what an individual’s friends are into and how they all choose to communicate. Some people prefer video (YouTube), pictures (Instagram), the lifetime of vacations and perfect marriages (Facebook), following celebrities (Twitter), and commiserating in depth on fascinating topics (Reddit.) Expand your horizons and consider embracing a different social media outlet this month to find out what you may be missing.